Re: [Evolution] Feature Request: auto-collapse threads

Not any time soon, I'm sure; all Ximian's efforts on Evolution are going
towards the GNOME 2 port right now (besides, two of the main coders just
went on holiday vacation for a couple of weeks).

I've seen people asking for an option to collapse all threads--I think
that's a popular request, and I would like it too... but I haven't seen
what you're asking for.  I'm actually not clear on exactly what you
want.  I'm sure you know that you can manually expand or close each
thread by clicking the +/- in the subject field...

I suggest you have a look around and see if this has
been requested before.  If not, file a wishlist bug and then at least
there will be a record of it when they have run out of other things to
do =)


On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 05:19, Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
Some mail readers have a setting for threaded mail reading which expand
threads with unread mail, while collapsing others.  What is the chance
of implementing this in evolution?
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