[Evolution] View... Current View strangeness

Running RH 7.3.  Evo 1.2.1, on Ximian gnome.

Just upgraded from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1.
Now, in View... Current View, I see a radio button option with no text
beside it.  Usually appears above "* messages" radio selection.
It seems it might be a "clone" of the "messages" option because it
appears to have the same effect when I click on it.

Also, if I go into Contacts and then View... Current View, THEN go back
to a mail folder and do the same, the "Define Views" option appears at
the top instead of the bottom of the list.

I've killev'd and oaf-slay'd and rebooted.

Is there a file in my config somewhere that is corrupted and needs to be

Chris Boyce
5520 Research Park Drive, Madison, WI  53711

Berbee...putting the E in business

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