Re: [Evolution] Can I sync the Sharp Zaurus with Evolution?

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 17:39, Jim Meyer wrote:
On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 08:51, Rupert Heesom wrote:
Being a Linux guy, I bought the Zaurus PDA.  However it's not clear to
me whether I can sync the Zaurus with Evolution.

Does the Pilot conduit only work with Palm Pilot PDAs or with PDA
generally?  If only with the Palms, I'm surprised that a Linux PDA is
not supported in Evolution!!

I, too, bought a Zaurus before I fully understood the issues involved;
it's largely because of the fact that the Zaurus is a Linux box and not
a PalmOS device that the sync'g system built up around Palm's standards
doesn't work for the Zaurus. 

I would understand there being a difference between the synching of a
Palm OS device/ Windows CE/ etc and of a Linux device.

What I find incredible is that Evolution being a Linux program doesn't
support a Linux PDA.  I would think that Evolution should support any
Linux PDA BEFORE any Windows/Palm device (unless the Zaurus wasn't
available when Ximian's developers were working on a PDA conduit for

Meanwhile, there are a number of people who've worked out rudimentary
scripts that munge the files between the two and work it all out; you
might try searching Sourceforge and/or Freshmeat for "Zaurus". If you
turn up something interesting, please inform the list as this question
pops up about once per month. When last I looked the available products
were all still heavy alpha and not useful enough that I felt I could
rely upon them. =\

I may have a look and see if I can help any efforts to produce Zaurus
software, but my programming skills are VERY rusty!  However I'm NOT
going to give up my Zaurus just because it can't synch!

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