[Evolution] Change "Message contains" standard selection


As an IMAP user, I really never search through message bodies if it's at
all avoidable. That's why I don't like a) that the standard search type
is always set to "Message contains" and b) that there's no "Headers
contain" search type. Using Mulberry for the past three years or so, I
have become really creative at searching only for stuff that may
actually be found in the headers, because it's just so much faster in
largish IMAP mail boxes. Any chance for a header searching function? Any
ideas how I can change that standard selection to "Sender contains" or
"Subject contains"? 

I'm currently using the 08/14 CVS version.

               Oliver Sturm
Dahlhoff IT-Solutions - Buellenkothenweg 37a - 40229 Duesseldorf
Tel.: 0211-2202821    - Fax: 0211-2202822    - http://www.dahlhoff.biz

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