Re: [Evolution] Evolution not recognizing /etc/aliases file

On 2 Aug 2002, Dan Winship wrote:

Evolution version 1.0.3 (came with RH 7.2, I think) does not seem to 
ackowledge the sendmail /etc/aliases file. I have access to 1.0.5 at my 
house, but I have not verified if the problem exists there as well.

Yes, evolution does not read your /etc/aliases, just like it doesn't
read your inetd.conf or XF86config. I'm not sure what you're expecting
it to do...?

It's the first Unix mailer I've encountered that doesn't support 
/etc/aliases. The aliases file is a standard file used by things like 
sendmail and the like.

Traditionally, you use the aliases file to store aliases for e-mail 
addresses. When you use a mail composer and enter one of the aliases from 
that file, either the composer looks in that file and completes the 
address, or it allows the alias to remain and tries to send the mail 
anyway (it allows the MTA decide if the alias is valid or not)

Under evo it just chokes saying that the address is invalid.

If you just need to be able to send mail to aliases defined there, then
configure your account to use sendmail rather than SMTP to send mail,
and it will just work.

It is configured to use sendmail.

If you want to make the composer autocomplete addresses out of
/etc/aliases, then no, there's no way to make it do that currently. It
would be possible to write a backend that would do that though.

It doesn't have to autocomplete addresses as long as it still lets you 
send mail without having a complete address.

Sam Hart
University/Work addr. <hart physics arizona edu>
Personal addr. <criswell geekcomix com>

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