Re: [Evolution] feature request

Both requests are already in Bugzilla.

Gerardo Marin

Ximian Evolution Bugmaster.

On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 21:58, gabor farkas wrote:

when i use threaded message list,

evolution defaults to show the threads i get a tree-like

but for me it would be better to see the messages in a closed-threads
view, because that way i can see more threads and only open the
interesting ones.. and for the threads i don't want to read i simply
press CTRL-H ( select thread ) and press DEL

so could we have an option in the preferences .. something like threads
default to open/closed/whatever

in microsoft outlook (express) if the 'cursor' is on a closed thread,
and i press DEL, then i delete the whole thread not only the topmost one
( as it happens in evolution )....

could we get an option for that too?


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