Re: [Evolution] pgp signing and outlook

There is no "small hack" that can be done.


On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 07:28, Erik Grinaker wrote:
hi all

I've just started using gnupg for signing and encryption of email. It
seems that Outlook mail clients (and others) are unable to display these
messages properly, as the message itself is displayed as an attachment.

I see there have been many previous posts on this problem, but I am
unable to find any "solutions" in the archives. I realize that the
problem lies in that outlook does not conform to standards, but as the
majority of users use this client I think a small hack to fix this is in

Have anyone created a patch, or found another solution to this problem,
or will I have to roll up my sleeves and Do It Myself (tm)?


Erik Grinaker
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