Re: [Evolution] Some attachments don't show up in evolution.

On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 10:23, John Weber wrote:

I curious as to why some attachments (seems to be the virus ones on the
Ximian users list) don't show up in evolution (1.0.3)

Several of the recent Outlook viruses have mangled MIME syntax to
trigger various Outlook bugs. Evolution is doing its best to display the
message according to the inconsistent description it's given.

There was a problem that messages composed in "rich text" mode in
Outlook and then auto-converted to HTML by Exchange would show up
without the attachments in Evolution (because Evolution was displaying
what the message *said* to display instead of what it *meant* to be
displayed). That's definitely fixed in Evolution 1.2 (and hacked around
in Connector 1.0), but I don't remember if the fix made it into
Evolution 1.0. But this is probably not what you're seeing if you're
talking about virus mails.

-- Dan

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