[Evolution] Some attachments don't show up in evolution.


I curious as to why some attachments (seems to be the virus ones on the
Ximian users list) don't show up in evolution (1.0.3). e.g., on the
Ximian users list dated "Yesterday 10:15 PM" from
"schannell carolina rr com", subject "Re:eager to see you".

The message list shows a paper clip indicating an attachment, but the
message view shows nothing in the message body (normal display). In view
source mode there's clearly at least one encoded attachment. Also, pine
and kmail show these attachments and allow me to save them to disk.
Mozilla mail (Mozilla 0.9.9 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US;
rv:0.9.9) Gecko/20020326) also seems to have problems showing these

It makes me wonder what other attachments may fail to show up, maybe
important ones I need to see or save.


John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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