Re: [Evolution] Trouble with SSL IMAP

It's a UofW IMAP, supporting IMAP4, including the imap-ssl package. 
In other words, plain text passwords over SSL. I have gotten 
evolution-mail to dump debug information about it's interaction with the 
server, unfortunately I can't send that right now. However, no debug 
information is printed when I get the alerts I've mentioned in my first 
e-mail. Thus, probably no IMAP transactions occur during this time?

Lukasz Weber

On 22 Apr 2002, Chris Tooley wrote:

Do you know what type of IMAP server you are connecting to?

Chris Tooley
On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 00:54, Lukasz A. Weber wrote:
    I've installed the latest Evo snapshot  
1.0.4-snap.ximian.200204190601. However, I had this problem with 1.0.3 
stable release as well.
    When I start Evo, an alert pops up with the following text:
Error while 'Scanning folders in "IMAP server ...."':
Could not connect to .... (port 993): Resource temporarily unavailable

And so everytime I press the Send/Receive button. However, I get around 
this message if:
1. I edit my mail account and switch authentication types from Password to 
2. Try to Send/Receive again
3. I get an Error dialog that says, Error while 'Opening store 
Could not connect to .... (port 993): Resource temporarily unavailable.
4. Edit my mail account and switch the authentication type back to 
5. Things work until I exit from Evo.

Next time I start Evo, I have to go through these steps again to get my 
mail. What's going on?

Lukasz A. Weber
Software Developer
Interdimensions, Inc.

P.S. I'm running RH 7.2 vanilla installation with the kernel updated to 
2.4.9-31 and vanilla installation of Gnome (i.e. not Ximian). I installed 
Evo through Red Carpet.

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