Re: [Evolution] charset setting

My gues is that you were responding to a message that was not truly
iso-8859-1, but rather windows-cp1252 or whatever. Since not all chars
in windows-cp1252 can be encoded into iso-8859-2, we had to auto-detect
the best charset to use which just happened to be UTF-8.

IMHO, it's not our problem if other mailers don't support standard
charsets. Other mailers send *us* not only non-standard charsets, but
sometimes even broken encodings yet we still have to deal with them.

Summary: "it's not fair!"


On Sun, 2002-04-21 at 09:27, Ladislav Lhotka wrote:

I am wondering about the rules for setting charset in the replies. When
I compose a new message, as soon as its body contains any non-US-ASCII
character, Evolution puts ISO-8859-2 into the charset field of the
Content-Type header line. This corresponds to my setting  of Default
character encoding in Tools->Mail Settings->Other. So far so good...

However, in replies, the charset set in the reply depends on the charset
of the original message, e.g.,
- if the original has US-ASCII or ISO-8859-2, the reply has ISO-8859-2,
- if the original has ISO-8859-1, the reply has UTF-8.
Some mailers are not able to handle UTF-8 correctly so it causes real
problems. And it seems there is no way how to influence this automatic
charset setting.

I'd suggest to include a config option for selecting specific charset in
*all* outgoing messages that do not conform to US-ASCII, perhaps
account-wise. The automatic behavior may be a real pain for people that
have to communicate both in English and their native language that
happens to use weird characters.

Cheers, Lada

Ladislav Lhotka

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