Re: [Evolution] How to access IMAP folders not starting with INBOX?

But still, what I actually want to do with Evolution is to share
calendar files.  It doesn't seem to be possible to put a calendar file
on the IMAP server :-) And we don't have Microsoft Exchange.  I hope
it's possible somehow.

There is no reason to use IMAP for this. IMAP is optimized for handling
email, and if you're not using email, it's not really much better than

For instance, you want to be able to ask the server, "tell me everything
that's happening today" so you can fill in today on the calendar. But
since you may have recurring appointments, the server needs to
understand the format of the data in your calendar. Since an IMAP server
wouldn't, this means that every time you open the calendar, you need to
download the entire contents to the client. Hence, no improvement over
just ftp'ing your calendar around.

And also, the IMAP code is entirely inside evolution-mail, and the
calendar has no access to it. So you'd either have to have the mailer
pass data back and forth to the calendar, or have the calendar also link
against the imap code. And *then* you have to deal with the fact that
some IMAP servers won't let you make multiple simultaneous connections.

Overall, it's just not a win.

-- Dan

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