Re: [Evolution] Stripping .sig's in replies

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 14:00, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
We took it out because users complained that it sometimes stripped part
of some messages (where people put the magic string into the middle of
the message rather than only using it for their signature).

I can see how that would violate the principle of least surprise.  :-)

However, what if you parsed back from the end of the message to the last
magic string, and then nuke from there to the end?  Wouldn't that keep
from nuking in-between message text?

Of course, this needs to be an option which can be turned on and off at

Oh, wait a second, you said that this was due to people putting the
magic string (which is dash-dash-space "-- ", IIRC) in the middle of
their messages.  Well, that _is_ a problem.  Hrmmm.....

Here are some options I thought of which might alleviate concerns on all

1.  Do the "nuke-a-sig" routine, but put that into a copy buffer, and
have a compose menu item or icon which is "replace removed text", to put
it back in case of accident.

2.  Make the "nuke-a-sig" routine be something the user has to do by
hand in the compose buffer, with an icon or menu item or hot key.

3.  When "nuke-a-sig" is run, only have it highlight the text to be
removed.  Then the user can click elsewhere in the body to leave it
intact, or type a key (backspace/delete come to mind) to delete it.  Is
it possible to have non-contiguous highlight regions?  If so, this
option could highlight many copies of signatures, ready to be killed all
at once.

4.  When "nuke-a-sig" is run, start at the end of the message, and only
read back <n> (user configurable?) lines to get to the delimiter.

I don't know if any of those are feasable or not, but I think that
"nuke-a-sig" would help to set this mail reader apart from other mail
readers.  I know that the first time I saw that happen (it might have
even been in evolution), I thought, "wow, that's cool, why doesn't
everyone else do this?"


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