Re: [Evolution] Compiling evolution CVS HEAD alongside packaged evolution stable-- mini-HOWTO

Though it took a lot of work to figure this out initially, I did get
this to work, and it does beautifully.  Thanks to feff ximian com for
some help in debugging this.

That's 'fejj ximian com'

The basic idea is to leave everything that
is managed by a package manger (ie in /usr) alone, and put all of our
needed libraries and applications for evolution CVS HEAD in /opt/gnome
(or similar).

I think it's less work overall to just not install gal-dev, gtkhtml-dev,
or evolution from packages, and instead build evolution-1-0-branch in
one prefix (say, /opt/evolution-1-0) and HEAD in another
(/opt/evolution). That way you don't need to recompile all of gnome from
the ground up. You only need gal, gtkhtml, and evolution in each tree,
because both of them can use gtk, gnome-libs, etc, from /usr.

Do NOT run the evolution head (in /opt/gnome/bin) and the stable
evolution at the same time.  I also recommend not running them as the
same user since evolution head may (will?) break your stable evolution
configuration.  You must use the above export statements to run
evolution head as well.

There aren't currently any major config incompatibilities. I run them in
separate prefixes as described above and use these .bashrc functions to
switch between them:

    function evo10() {
        rm ~/evolution/config/storage-set-view-expanded*
        export GNOME_PATH=/opt/evolution-1-0
        export PATH=${PATH/evolution/evolution-1-0}
    function evohead() {
        export GNOME_PATH=/opt/evolution
        export PATH=${PATH/evolution-1-0/evolution}
The oaf-slay is because you need oafd to be running with the correct
PATH and GNOME_PATH. The 'rm' in the evo10 command is to fix a problem
where otherwise the folder tree isn't visible when switching back to 1.0
after using HEAD.

-- Dan

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