[Evolution] Spell Checking is not active !

HI there,
I am using RH 7.2 with Evolution 1.0.3 everithing is fine, but there are some problems.
I am not able to use spell check in Evolution.
I've installed aspell packages for more than 30 languages, but i cannot use spell checking for any of them.
I use ->New Message->Edit->Properties->HTML Viewer-> Miscellaneous-> Spell Checking->Language-> here i set anything what i find for usable, like 'en', which is the default choice, and 'en_US', 'en_GB', and so on..
Nothing happens.
In Compose window -> Edit->Spell Check document option is shadowed and not active

Is this feature available or Evolution doesnt support spell checking yet?

Ivaylo Toshev

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