[Evolution] Bug in autosearch in TO:, CC: and BCC: ?


Just wondering if the same thing is happening to anyone else.

In the composing window, usually, when one types the beginning of an
email in the TO:, CC: or BCC fields, Evolution automatically search and
display a list of corresponding Contacts.

But sometimes, it doesn't work when I'm typing an email. I must
absolutely type the Last or First names. 

Example : I have a "Raymond Lemieux <rlemieux server com> contact. If I
simply type "rl" in the TO: field, for some unknown reason, sometimes
Evo doesn't find anything. I must type "ray" or "Le". But it will work
in the CC: or BCC: fields - or vice-versa. I haven't recognized any
pattern yet for this behavior.

It's minor, but slightly irritating. But overall, I'm very satisfied
with Evolution. It's a very nice piece of software!

Philippe Chartier

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