Re: [Evolution] bug 19604: printing

both POP3 and IMAP. I'm using 2 mail accounts. And I'm quite a newbie so
how can I get a backtrace of the crash? Have I got to to type some
command in console or to look for some .error file to look in my

I tried both posix an italian language and I got the same error:
component that handles mail has crashed, restart evolution

Il gio, 2002-04-11 alle 02:27, Not Zed ha scritto: 

What type of mail server are you accessing, and can you submit a
backtrace of the crash.

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 08:05, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
debian woody (2.4.18-k7 kernel) and evo 1.0.3.

1st time evo is installed, when no mail is fetched yet, it can print
 the ximian welcome standard message and show the preview. After first
checkmail it's no more possible.
printing or previewing any email returns the same error: mail component
has crashed.

has somebody resolved this annoying bug?

leonardo canducci

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