Re: [Evolution] Possible memory leak somewhere in evolution-mail

ElectricFence doesn't help you find memory leaks, just memory

And no, Evolution is not linked to any memory debugging libraries

Are you sure this only started happening since 1.0.3? Not much code at
all in the mailer changed, and certainly nothing which could case such a
leak. I think the only fix was to going offline.


On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 10:11, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
I noticed that since 1.0.3 or so, if I leave Evolution loaded for a day
without exiting, slowly it eats up my whole swap memory. I have a lot of
IMAP folders, one for each mailing list I subscribe to. My IMAP server
is on the same system. Looking with gtop at the swap memory usage I see
that the memory used by imapd and other applications is pretty constant,
only evolution-mail increases from time to time, even if I am not doing
anything with it for example overnight.  Restarting Evolution clears it.

I get Evolution from Red-Carpet previews. Is it linked to ElectricFence
or other memory allocation debugging libraries that I use to help
pinpoint the problem ?



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