[Evolution] Feature requests: modularity & imap caching...

First of all, kudos to the whole Ximian team for
putting together this IMO excellent product.
After some fiddling it became my client of choice
and I haven't had any issues in months except
for some 'closing' problems (Waiting for component
to die -- ...) from time to time.

First proposal/request:
I like the essential idea behind the workgroup/pim
features, but I'd rather have a choice. Let me 
explain... I use evolution mainly because of its
_great_ imap-handling, it's the first (gui) mua
that really does everything I need and does it
_right_! But I only use the calendar-thingy
on one system, and I *know* there are a lot of
people that rarely of never use the calendar/tasks
features. The summary feature is a nice addition,
but it's a not really something everyone *needs*, right?
Don't get me wrong, I really like those features, on 
my main system they are all enabled, but what I mean
is that these should be 'options/plugins/whatever'.
I managed to get evolution run as an imap-client only,
by renaming the oaf files, so they're not loaded on 
startup, but it would be really nice if there was a
more 'clean' way of doing that. Because of the
nice modularity in the code of evolution, I 'guess'
that would not be such a major obstacle to overcome
(correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm not much of
a programmer...).

Second, it would be really nice if you get more
control over the imap caching. I work in mechanical
engineering and get a lot of large files in my
mailbox. Header caching is a major feature, but
I hate it that I have to manually delete all those
mime-files from the cache... You must understand that
if you read your mail on different systems,
all those files (of sometimes a couple megs each)  get 
cached in all those places, taking a couple of 100Megs on
each system after a couple of weeks. 
It would really be nice if there was an option to purge
the mime-cache on exit/command/...


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