Re: [Evolution] Gnome 2 support

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 11:45, Chris Petersen wrote:
There's no real rush to port it to GNOME 2, since GNOME1 and GNOME 2
software can co-exist. I believe that we plan to port to GNOME 2 shortly
after an Evolution 1.2.0 release but I could be wrong.

You might want to tell this to the red-carpet people, or I guess that
would be the people who make the gnome2 snapshot rpm's....  I tried to
upgrade to the gnome2 snapshots the other day and it wanted to wipe out 
all of my gnome1 software (I decided against this because gnome2 claims to 
break all compatibility with gnome1 API's)...

To clarify: the GNOME 1 and GNOME 2 libraries can coexist without any
problems.  Applications cannot be parallelly installed.  So you can
install all of the GNOME 2 libraries and your existing GNOME 1
applications, like Evolution, will continue to work.

There's a mailing list about the GNOME 2 snaps, it's referenced in the
About page for the channel.  You can get additional info there.


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