RE: [Evolution] Can't use LDAP as address source in .14

Thanks for some reply even if it wasn't to my 10 different messages
requesting information about the same thing. One additional question though,
is real soon earlier than a couple of weeks, or do you think longer than
that? Thanks in advance. 

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I'm not 100% sure but like 95% that this is a known bug and is working
in the author's local version. It should be fixed in 
nightlies Real Soon
Now ;)

On Fri, 2001-09-28 at 12:57, Jay R. Gindin wrote:
I just upgraded to .14 (all pre-built packages), running on Mandrake

When I create a new email, click on the "To:" button, and 
try to select
a folder other than "Contacts" from the "Folder" drop-down, the
drop-down doesn't expand, as if there are no other valid sources of

However, I can go to any LDAP folder (under the "Other 
Contacts") folder
and successfully search for a name. I can bring up the 
address card for
any person found there.

Any ideas? 



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