Re: [Evolution] news groups

This raises a good point.

Uh hey, mailer guys... don't you think maybe this option should be
"disappeared" for folks with no IMAP email accounts set up at all?  I
think this will confuse the majority of people once the general public
gets a hold of Evolution if they're only using POP accounts.

Greying out would be OK but then you'd have to deal with questions about
it as well.

that's my two cents (price subject to negotiation =)


On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 09:14, James Ogley wrote:
It's for subscribing to IMAP folders

For example, I use it to read public folders on my company's Exchange
(eew) server via IMAP, but similarly, if you use an IMAP server, and all
your mail folders are stored on the server, you can 'subscribe' to the
ones you want to see, but, say you have no desire to see 'Trash' (if
there is a folder of that name) on the server, you can choose not to sub
to it...

Under the tools menu there's "Subscribe to folders". Is this for
subscribing to news groups? If so, how do I select a server? Everything
is grayed out. Is this not functional yet? I'm using the latest snaps.
James Ogley, Unix Systems Administrator, Pinnacle Insurance Plc

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