Re: [Evolution] Latest beta vFolder changes..

Prior to the latest beta, I was able to set up a vFolder with (status is
not read) for all my local folders, do an expunge in it, and all of the
unread counts for the local folders would change and new mail would show
up in the vFolder. Now I can't do that. In fact, I can't get unread mail
to show up in the vFolder at all. This means that I now have to go into
each folder and do an expunge to see if there's new mail.

Is this the desired behavior ? I'm sure there's a good reason for the
change, but it's kind of annoying for me.

I noticed the same thing.  My vFolders have been acting up recently.
I had a vFolder that would show all mail in all local folders that was
received in the last I could view recent mail...It no longer
seems to work...

Has there been a change to the vFolder code recently?  It seems pretty
broken now.  


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