Re: [Evolution] Latest Evo Snapshot and Redhat 7.1

On Fri, 2001-06-01 at 10:19, Mark Logan wrote:
By the way, it was much easier to manage this stuff when we could just
download the snapshots from the ftp site.  Then I could fairly easily
keep track of the last working snapshot and revert if necessary.  Now I
have to remember to copy the rpms out of the redcarpet packages
directory - hoping to get the right version, etc.

Well, I've managed to download files straight from,
inside the /pub tree, there's an evolution snapshot directory.

I've had my own problems with RC, so have resorted to the manual
approach a couple of times.

I think RC needs a lot of tweaking before it's a reliable app!
My main need from RC is for it to FIRST check the local redcarpet
directory for RPM files before it decides to spend ages downloading the
files over my 56k modem!  That would get around lots of circumstances I
can think of!

[Are you listening, Ximian??]


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