Re: [Evolution] 2001.09.24 Folders Message Count Continued Problems

On Tue, 2001-09-25 at 07:33, Mike Leckey, Jr. wrote:
On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 06:05, Thomas J. Baker wrote:

I'm still having problems with folder counts with the 9/24 0.14.99
snapshot. Sometimes, folder counts are not updated at all (this has
happened on my main Inbox) and sometimes, after reading the mail
messages in a given folder, the counts are not updated. My "Evolution"
mailing list folder currently shows 9 new messages but I've read and
deleted them all.

I'm running RH7.1/Ximian Gnome. Is this working for anyone else?

It is working for me.  Running 0924 snapshot on rh71

Oops.  I meant 09250808 snapshot.

Mike Leckey, Jr.        rml phxlab honeywell com        602.231.1685
Honeywell Engines & Systems                             Phoenix, AZ

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