Re: [Evolution] List of required packages for Evolution

Just type the rpm command:

rpm -q --requires evolution. This will give you a list of all files and
packages required by evolution. see man rpm for more details.

The language dictionaries for the spell checker aspell are found on your
distribution channel. Mine is RH7.1 and there are dictionaries for
French (yeah), Spanish, Catalan, Danish, Deutsh, Italian, Dutch, ... or
get it directly from the source at There you
will even find an Esperanto dictionary. :-)

As pointed by someone else on that list, if we could switch language
selection per contact or at least on the fly in the compose window, life
with Evolution would be close to perfect for us ESL (English as a 2nd
language). Nothing worst than making spelling mistake in your own

Hope That Helps

On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 10:43, Jason Wong wrote:
Can someone tell me where I might find the complete list of required
packages for evolution.  I want to add that to my install base.

Also,  I've got the spell checker working however, where might I find
the dictionary that goes along to correct the spelling?


evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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