[Evolution] Evo Conduit Configuration and Control Panel Problems


Please correct me if I'm off base, but it would appear that the conduits came down with the latest snapshot. (I have  e-address.conduit, e-todo.conduit, e-calendar.conduit in /usr/share/gnome-pilot/conduits)

However after the Ximian gnome-pilot, pilot-link upgrade from the other day the pilot stuff in control-center is hosed.  Control-center has entries as follows:

        Palm Conduits
        Pilot Link

    Palm Conduits
    Pilot Link

And clicking on either option pull up  the Pilot Link stuff.

So how might someone go about setting up the Evo conduits without using control-center?  Or is there a soon to be fix for control-center?  I'm in desperate need to get something going since jpilot is no longer working either.

Thanks to all the Evo hackers.  This thing is awesome and has really stabilized and sped up here lately.  GREAT JOB!

James Harrison RHCE, CCNA

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