RE: [Evolution] Trouble with Contacts

I have just downloaded cvs version 2001. from Red Carpet and
I am still experiencing the problem with Contacts causing my entire
Evolution to Freeze.  Should this be fixed?  Or am I missing something
else.  Please let me know, thanks

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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Subject: RE: [Evolution] Trouble with Contacts

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 14:49, Rory D. Hudson wrote:
Which version of cvs is this fixed?  Please let me know, thanks

I think I fixed this two days ago, so the changes should have made their
way into anoncvs by now.

Of course, if you still have the same problem w/ a recent CVS version,
please let me know.  Sometimes bugs seem to have a way of becoming
'unfixed'. :-)


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