Re: [Evolution] Spell checking working (gnome-spell-0.2)

With the latest everything from RC, spelling should 'just work.' No idea
what to do if you are building from CVS.

I should take this point to note that snapshots now have LDAP and SSL
support, and they /should/ have palm support (though I have not been
able to confirm this yet myself because of HW issues on my end.)

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 18:28, Ian Starnes wrote:
I noticed there is a new gnome-spell in red-carpet! Does this mean spell
checking will finally be easy to setup?

I currently have these packages installed but am unable to get spell
checking to work.  I have been trying for months.  Has anyone been
succesfull with the new gnome-spell?

cvs version of evo

Ian Starnes
ian housenotfound com

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