Re: [Evolution] Latest Solaris evolution for red carpet problem.

Are you on AFS ? 
If so, the oaf components have lost the kerberos AFS token. It happens
all the time to me. When you logout oaf components stay alive then loose
their token after some hours, then you log in again and your new token
acquired at login does not apply to the old oaf components as the
processes are not in the same tree.


On 19 Sep 2001 10:07:35 -0400, Keith Conger wrote:

I'm running Evolution 0.13 on ximian gnome 1.4 for
solaris(updated today). Everytime I start evolution I get this error for
every mail folder:

Error while 'Registering'file:///usr/home/foo/evolution/local/Inbox":
Could not open file '/usr/home/foo/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox':
Error 0

I checked and the file is there and its permissions are fine. After
updating today I did an oaf-slay and deleted ~/evolution and

Does anyone else running this on Solaris have this problem? Can anyone
point me in the right direction to do further troubleshooting?

My machine info:
Ultra 5 Sparc
Solaris 8

Ximian Gnome 1.4 w/ all packages and updates installed as of writing this.

Thanks in Advance!

|Keith Conger
|Unix Engineer
|kconger appliedtheory com
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