Re: [Evolution] Pilot conduits and todo's

  Same thing happened to me.

On Tue, 2001-09-18 at 14:06, ///o-o\\\ wrote:
i previously had jPilot up and running fine and dandy, then last nite i
updated the palm-link, palm-devel, and Gnome Palm Sync Tools in order to use
the latest evo release with palm support, through Red Carpet. what happened
was strange... it somehow removed the jPilot application from my machine
entirely, and there are 2 versions of the palm configuration in GNOME's
control center:

        Palm Conduits
        Pilot Link

    Palm Conduits
    Pilot Link

when clicking on either the Conduit configuration or the Pilot Link
configuration, the same screen comes up (i believe it's the "Pilot Link"
screen). i also do not have any capital E in front of any of anything, like
described in an earlier post ( ie. EtoDo, EAddress ).

unfortunately, i am unsure if the sync tools are even working properly
because i just re-installed jPilot but don't have the palm here.

any advice on the Palm weirdness? or do i have something configured wrong?
thanx a bunch...
Jamie LaScolea

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| I am succeffully using the pilot synching on evolution (lastest
| release).  So far, almost everything works great.  The only problem,
| 'todo' items that are marked completed dont go away.  They show up even
| though I set the todo prefs to 'hide completed todo's after 1 min.'.  Is
| this a known issue, or am I missing something else.
| David
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