Re: [Evolution] Palm

Here a howto from the Evolution read me file. You will need to either
build evolution from source or from the CVS. If your copies of
pilot-link and gnome-pilot are current you can skip steps 1 & 2. You can
download the source tarball at A
more detailed readme is inside.


Compiling Palm Pilot support

If you want support for PalmPilot syncing (currently experimental so
please back up your pilot) you will also need to do the following:

1) pilot-link
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous cvs gnu-designs com:/cvs/pilot-link login
The password is just <ENTER>.
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous cvs gnu-designs com:/cvs/pilot-link co
./configure --prefix=<pilot-link-prefix> --with-perl=no --with-java=no
--with-tcl=no --with-python=no
make install

2) gnome-pilot
cvs -z3 co gnome-pilot
./ --prefix=<gnome-pilot-prefix>
make install

3) evolution
in your evo source dir do ./ --prefix=<evo-prefix> 
--with-pisock=<pilot-link-prefix> --enable-pilot-conduits=yes
make install

On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 19:33, seth wrote:
Does anyone have a howto for pilot integration wiht evolution?
I'd love to use my USB Handspring with Evolution

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