Re: [Evolution] Contact from LDAP database

Are you able to access your LDAP database from the shell using
ldapsearch. Maybe a firewall rule is preventing you to access your LDAP

Since 0.13.99 cvs 2001. bigfoot seems to work again some of
the time in some way. It seems that it gets confuse after a while. Also
I am wondering if all the calls to the server are asynchronous as the
status line just blinks or seems like it. It would be nice if we could
have a way of looking at what calls are being made, so we have something
better to report. Maybe there is a way but I just don't know it. Short
from looking at the source code, is there anybody who knows how to do
that. I think it is important to get LDAP to work before 1.0 and I would
like to help debugging it.



On Sat, 2001-09-15 at 19:02, Zot O'Connor wrote:
Man I must be dense or somethng, but I can not get anything to work with
ldap and evolution.

I can set address sources, but that is it.  I see no way to get to these

I even recompiled from the src rpm....

Any ideas?

Zot O'Connor

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