[Evolution] A couple of bugs ...

Hi All ...

  A couple of things I have noticed in the latest snapshots and am
wondering if it is just me orif other people are seeing this.

1.  Loading images from sender's in addressbook seems to be broken.  If
I click on a message and I have that sender in my addressbook, it still
does not load the images unless I specifically tell it to.

2. Here's a way I can constantly lock evolution.  I have a folder that
recieves a number of multiple megabyte messages each day.  If I click on
the folder, hit Ctrl-A, Ctrl-D, Evolution, selects one of the messages
seperately and tries to load it.  If I hit Ctrl-E at this point
(especially if on a 56k connection), it basically puts Evo in a race
condition and it spins trying to load a message it just expunged.  At
this point, I need to do a killev and restart.  I have tried this in all
of the latest 10 snapshots or so and seen this behavior.  My thought
would be if I hit Ctrl-D after a Ctrl-A it should NOT try to actually
select a message.
3. It would be really nice if the Summary has problems loading news
feeds it could tell the user WHICH news feeds it had trouble with, so
you can easily tell which ones to remove/report as problems.

Other than those three things, Evolution is looking better and better
every day.  Thanks for all the great work to the guys at Ximian.


 Ryan P Skadberg                          E: skadz mindstorm com
 Director of Technology                   U: http://www.mindstorm.com/
  GPG fingerprint = 38A2 FF47 8FE3 B86A 7C68  6ECF 947D 4E9F 5FA9 637C

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