Re: [Evolution] sound on mail

On Thu, 2001-09-13 at 16:35, Miguel Cavazos wrote:
why they dont like this? its very usefull and more if we can have a
diferent sound on each folder that way we could know if its a mail of a
list or a mail of family etc etc well even where is the wishlist?

The bug list is the wishlist: just file your bug with Priority as
"Wishlist" (  But this wish is well-known
already, and it appears there are more requests for than I thought, so
there's no point in filing another wishlist bug.  They know we want it.

Even though Jon Nall has contributed the code for it (with support for
different sounds for different folders, I believe), the feature freeze
is not to be argued with: no new features will be added until Evolution
1.0 is released.  There are a LOT of real bugs to fix, so let's try to
be patient, and just hope this is added with the first release of 1.01

It's easy for us to complain, but the Evolution team is doing an amazing
job and have a lot to do before the application is ready for release.


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