Re: [Evolution] sound on mail

why they dont like this? its very usefull and more if we can have a
diferent sound on each folder that way we could know if its a mail of a
list or a mail of family etc etc well even where is the wishlist?
On vie, 2001-09-14 at 04:10, Eric Lambart wrote:
Unbelievably for those of us who care, and the fact that every major GUI
mailer I've ever seen supports this feature, the answer is NO (though
this was requested exactly a year ago today, if not before, with bug

In defense of the Ximian folks, it must be said that there don't seem to
be many requests for this feature in the bug database, so maybe not that
many people care.  I'm pretty sure it will be added after 1.0 is
released, though.

If you are up to compiling Evolution yourself, you could take advantage
of Jon Nall's patch to add this feature, which is included in bug #856:

I thought he had posted a newer version of the patch on the mailing
list, but I'm not sure.  I know I'll be doing this once 1.0 comes out. 
For now I'm (just barely) content to download the prebuilt snapshots.

Meanwhile, you can do what I do--turn off auto mail-check in Evolution,
and then add the Gnome Mail Check applet to your Gnome panel, and have
it play your sound for you.  When mail comes in, have Evo retrieve it.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, 2001-09-13 at 15:30, Miguel Cavazos wrote:

is there any way to make evolution make a sound or play a wav or
something when new email arrives into my folders? or play diferent
sounds for each folder when it gets email something?

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