[Evolution] Printing & LDAP

I currently am using the PRINTER variable for my default printer
destination.  But when printing from evolution, the print request are
going to the servers default printer, not mime default printer??  Since
I can print from the command line with a plain lpr to my PRINTER
varialble set in my .bash_profile with no problems, I would think that
evolution should print there also with a plain lpr??  I can force it to
print to my printer by adding the -Pprintername, but evolution does not
remember this and I have to add it each time?

Does evolution not understand the PRINTER variable in my env?

If not, where do I hard code my printer to I do not have to enter it
each time??

Thanks for a great product.  
City of Kenosha, Wisconsin USA, IS
mailto: tig kenosha org

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