Re: [Evolution] Help me to use Evolution!

On 2001.09.07 22:23:14 +0200 Guido Amoruso wrote:
I wrote some days ago about problems with Evolution 0.12 to write
"Impossible to create composition window" and "Unable to retrieve
from editor" or something similar...
I've got not many answers: does anybody know how to resolve it?

Same problem here, and since the 3-5 latest snapshots release.
Now this is with the 'stable' beta 3 on debian 2.2
The tips given in the FAQ doesn't help so much.

I have checked that the packages needed by evolution are the ones pulled
from the 'stable' ximian channel :
 [-] Optional  evolution         0.13-ximian.5
[+] Optional  libnss3           2:0.9.3-ximian.2 
[+] Optional  bonobo-conf       0.11-ximian.3
[+] Optional  libgal11          0.11.2-ximian.1 
[+] Optional  gtkhtml           0.12.0-ximian.1   
[+] Optional  libgtkhtml15      0.12.0-ximian.1  
[+] Extra     bonobo            1.0.7-ximian.2    
[+] Standard  xlib6g            3.3.6-11potato32  
[+] Optional  libxml1           1:1.8.15-ximian.1 
[+] Standard  libwrap0          7.6-4          
[+] Optional  libpopt0          1.5-ximian.2    
[+] Optional  liborbit0         1:0.5.8-ximian.1
[+] Extra     liboaf0           0.6.5-ximian.3 
[+] Optional  libgtkhtml15      0.12.0-ximian.1  
[+] Optional  libgtk1.2         1.2.10-ximian.9   
[+] Optional  libgnomeui32      1.2.13-ximian.11    
[+] Optional  libgnomesupport0  1.2.13-ximian.11      
[+] Optional  libgnomeprint11   0.25-ximian.6        
[+] Optional  libgnome32        1.2.13-ximian.11       
[+] Optional  libgnome-vfs0     1.0.1-ximian.1  
[+] Optional  libglib1.2        1.2.10-ximian.2  
[+] Optional  libglade0         0.16-ximian.1  
[+] Optional  libglade-gnome0   0.16-ximian.1  
[+] Optional  libgdk-pixbuf2    0.11.0-ximian.1  
[+] Optional  libgdk-pixbuf-gno 0.11.0-ximian.1   
[+] Optional  libgconf11        1.0.4-ximian.1 
[+] Optional  libgal11          0.11.2-ximian.1     
[+] Optional  libesd0           0.2.17-7
[+] Optional  libdb2            2:2.4.14-  
[+] Required  libc6             2.1.3-18            
[+] Extra     libbonobo2        1.0.7-ximian.2      
[+] Optional  libbonobo-conf0   0.11-ximian.3    
[+] Optional  libaudiofile0     0.2.1-ximian.2    
[+] Optional  libart2           1.2.13-ximian.11    
[+] Optional  gdk-imlib1        1.9.10-ximian.2    
[+] Optional  evolution         0.13-ximian.5  

Ps I have to chmod +s  /usr/sbin/camel-lock-helper manually to be able to
read my local spool mail. Is this a correct behaviour ?


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