Re: [Evolution] No beta 3 for RedHat6.2 in red-carpet

I get a similar problem when trying to use Red Carpet today on RedHat
7.1.  It checks all the appropriate sites and when it gets to the
Evolution site it gives the following error message: 

"This may be caused either by an old version of Red Carpet that is
unable to read newer data files or by an error on the server. If you
cancel, Red Carpet will quit.  You should report this error to
red-carpet ximian com, along with distribution information."

I have the newest version of Red Carpet so I guess it is a server

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 04:45, Janne Morén wrote:Red Carpet has
encountered an error while trying to process your request:

Latest evolution I've found in red-carpet is 0.13.99
An error occured trying to parse channel information.

I've checked for Evolution beta 3, but it is nowhere to be found in
red-carpet for red hat 6.2. I'm using 'default host'. If I change to
'Ximian, inc.', i get the following error:

Transfer of
http://red-carpet.ximian.comximian-gnome/redhat-62-i386//packageinfo.xml.gz did not complete: Can't connect

and the normal Ximian GNOME channel is gone (although all the others are
there). Oh, and sitll no Evolution.

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