[Evolution] startup after upgrade to 0.13

Just upgraded to 0.13 on my SuSE7.0 (for some reason the SuSE7.2 was
available more than a week ago...).  The only (minor) issue so far has
been that after the upgrade I closed evo then relaunched it, at which
point the druid came up as if this were the first time I had ever
installed evo. I didn't move my evo directory so this seemed odd.  

I then cancelled out of the druid, then up came evo and I downloaded my
messages.  Only my inbox and its subfolders didn't show the number of
unread messages in parenthesis like usual.  I though maybe this was a
new setting somewhere but didn't find anything.  So I just closed evo
then launched it again...voila, everything appears like in v0.12.

This wasn't anything major, but it did seem odd so I thought I should
report it.


BTW, the looks just keep getting better with each version!  Keep up the
good work!

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