Re: [Evolution] File associations

Do you still have the original mail in your trash?

Each part of the message should have a MIME header. What does the header
read for the original attachment? And for the attachment you sent to
yourself for a test?

I have a feeling the original one was sent with an unknown type header.


On 05 Sep 2001 11:42:46 -0400, Mark Logan wrote:

I've noticed this for a while, but never really examined it until now. 
Anyway, sometimes a file with a certain extension (.xls in this case)
will not be recognized as the correct type.  As an example I received an
attachment this morning that had a comma in the file name - it showed up
as unknown file type.  I saved the file, shortening the name and
removing the comma, and then sent it to myself.  It then showed up as a
Microsoft Excel File.

The attached pictures should explain what I'm talking about.

Is this known?


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