[Evolution] Possible bug?


Before I submit a bug report, I'd like to check if this is a one-off
problem, a RedHat problem, of a general problem..

I've just updated from 0.12.99 to 0.12.99, and have the following

1) The Calender, Tasks, & Contacts icons (in the Shortcuts panel) are
missing, and I am unable to access them (though I can add records to the
database via an email address)
2) I can no longer drag a message from one IMAP folder to another IMAP
folder (though I can move it via the left-click-menu)
3) messages are arriving in my inbox (my IMAP one), but I cannot access

I am temporarily switching to the Mozilla mail client to read mail.

Please let me know if this is an isolated problem, of if I need to
report a bug..


Ian Stuart
A man in serious need of a Brain Transplant

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