Re: [Evolution] Re: LDAP

James Ogley wrote:

The source RPM uses the following Configure:

To enable LDAP support:


=yes worked for me with OpenLDAP's prefix as /usr - YMMV...

About LDAP support, i'd like to know if Evo is (or is planned to be) able to perform LDAP requests other than basic search (like write operations)? In other words, is Evo able to completely work with a LDAP server or is it limited (*for writing*) to its own contacts files ? Does it just wrap OpenLDAP utilities like ldapsearch (ldapadd?) or Evo guys write their own ldap code (using OpenLDAP libs i guess)?

Anyway, Evo becomes more and more essential for me.. Keep up the very goood work guys..

Vincent Frison

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