Re: [Evolution] Configuration Database not found

I had the same problem. It turned out that I had multiple copies of some
programs like wombat or oafd. I suggest you do a locate on wombat, oaf,
bonobo, etc. and make sure you don't have multiple copies on your
computer. For example in /usr/lib and in /usr/local/lib.
When I deleted the second copy, evo starting working again.
Hope this helps,

On Tue, 2001-10-30 at 12:37, Diego Restrepo wrote:

I try to upgrade directly from the rpms the latest evolution from the
0.10 version in one out of date Ximian-gnome desktop, and the next error
dialog appear:

"Cannot initialize the Ximian Evolution shell: Configuration Database
not found"

What package should be missing?

Thanks in advance

Diego Restrepo

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