[Evolution] install / compile woe


i'm unable to install evolution on Solaris 8 on x86 due to problems
with gtkhtml. my starting point was the official gnome-1.4 from sun,
hence the paths.

i'm passing the following to ./configure:

$ rm config.cache && ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome-1.4
--sysconfdir=/opt/gnome-1.4/etc --localstatedir=/opt/gnome-1.4/var
--with-gnome-libs=/opt/gnome-1.4/lib --disable-gtk-test --with-bonobo

the configure munches away without complaint, but the 'make' falls over

internal error: error_message(58)
make[2]: *** [libgtkhtml.la] Error 100
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/gtkhtml-0.14.0/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/gtkhtml-0.14.0'
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2

immediately preceeding the error is:

(cd .libs && rm -f libgtkhtml.so && ln -s libgtkhtml.so.17.0.0
ar cru .libs/libgtkhtml.a  gtkhtml-embedded.o gtkhtml-im.o
gtkhtml-properties.o gtkhtml-search.o gtkhtml-stream.o gtkhtml.o
gtkhtmldebug.o gtkhtmlfontstyle.o htmlanchor.o htmlbutton.o
htmlcheckbox.o htmlclue.o htmlcluealigned.o htmlclueflow.o htmlclueh.o
htmlcluev.o htmlcolor.o htmlcolorset.o htmlcursor.o htmldrawqueue.o
htmlembedded.o htmlengine-edit.o htmlengine-edit-clueflowstyle.o
htmlengine-edit-cursor.o htmlengine-edit-cut-and-paste.o
htmlengine-edit-fontstyle.o htmlengine-edit-images.o
htmlengine-edit-movement.o htmlengine-edit-rule.o
htmlengine-edit-selection-updater.o htmlengine-edit-table.o
htmlengine-edit-tablecell.o htmlengine-edit-text.o htmlengine-print.o
htmlengine-save.o htmlengine-search.o htmlengine.o htmlentity.o
htmlenumutils.o htmlfontmanager.o htmlform.o htmlgdkpainter.o
htmlplainpainter.o htmlhidden.o htmlimage.o htmlimageinput.o
htmlinterval.o htmllinktext.o htmllist.o htmlmap.o htmlobject.o
htmlpainter.o htmlprinter.o htmlradio.o htmlrule.o htmlsearch.o
htmlreplace.o htmlselect.o htmlselection.o htmlsettings.o htmlshape.o
htmlstack.o htmlstringtokenizer.o htmltable.o htmltablecell.o
htmltext.o htmltextarea.o htmltextinput.o htmltextslave.o
htmltokenizer.o htmltype.o htmlundo.o htmlundo-action.o htmlvspace.o
htmliframe.o htmlframe.o htmlframeset.o 

any help on working around this would be much appreciated. i can find
no similar problems in the archives.


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<takeme2your rocketmail com>

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