[Evolution] [SLE] evolution bug#11491 / bugzilla not working / evolution list not working


I am wondering if anyone has got an idea about this:
I can't send emails with evolution, it's bug #11491 on bugzilla. If I try to add entries on bugzilla, this 
isn't working from my machine at home (which, of course, runs linux), I have to do this either at work or 
somewhere else (from windoze). Yes, I know, I have to log in first, then submit my changes.
The guys from ximian keep on complaining that I do not provide the right output - but I don't have any other 
output (or should I invent something?).
The Evoution list isn't working either. I am quite sure that noone will receive this mail via this list, 
though I set it in cc once more.

Cheers ... Wolfi

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