Re: [Evolution] IMAP folders unresponsive under RH7.2

I had a similar problem earlier tonight when I turned on my
flaky_network_write() wrapper around libc's write() call. This magical
function seems to break kernels, because in kernel 2.2.17 on my laptop,
all of Evo's pthreads crash whenever errno gets set to EAGAIN or
EWOULDBLOCK which are both valid error conditions when writing to a

Now, kernel 2.4.7 (default redhat 7.2 kernel) will block forever in a
select() call after errno gets set to EAGAIN or EWOULDBLOCK in a
multithreaded library (compiled even with -D_REENTRANT).

Therein lies your problem...go and complain to your local kernel
developer and get him/her to fix it.


On Sun, 2001-10-28 at 01:01, Ben Steeves wrote:
I just did a clean install of RedHat 7.2, Ximian Desktop & Evolution, but
I'm using the /home from my RH7.1 install.  When I start up Evo, I can
access my tasks, calendar and contacts, but my IMAP folders won't open (I
click on the shortcuts on the left and nothing happens).  

Any suggestions? 


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