Re: [Evolution] Opera and evo..

Hmmm... that's right, Gnome has some duplicated setup there doesn't it?  Well, the instructions for setting 
up Gnome at 
the bottom of my original post (see below) work fine for me.  Clicking any link from Evo opens up a new Opera 

I also thought that Opera is supposed to understand Netscape Remote Control, though I explicitly use the 
opera "-
newwindow" flag instead.

10/26/2001 3:51:54 PM, Benjamin Kahn <xkahn ximian com> wrote:

Or...  If you want opera to be your default web browser in GNOME, you
should do this:

Open the Control Center and select "Document Handlers" > "Default
Applications" in the control center tree.  (If you are using the new
control center, it'll be right there when it starts.)
Click the "Web Browser" tab.
Select the "Custom Web Browser" radio button
Set Command to: opera
You should leave Start in Terminal and Understands Netscape Remote
Control off.
Click okay.

You're all set!

On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 17:57, Eric Lambart wrote:
10/26/2001 12:19:21 PM, Jorge Salinas <jst ing puc cl> wrote:

Has somebody used Evo from Galeon?...I'm trying to send an email from a

From your subject I presume you mean "Evo from Opera".  Yes, I use Opera and Evo and it works wonderfully.

I'll repost here some instructions I put on the list a while ago. 

---  old message: ----------------
For any other Opera users around here, or for anyone in a similar
situation, here is the solution.
Create a small shellscript (I named mine "evomail") with the following
ONE line of code:
/usr/bin/evolution "mailto:$1";

Now, in Opera, under the Applications/E-mail Client field of the
Preferences window, just enter the path to your little script like this:
{path to shell script}/evomail
i.e. "/home/eric/bin/evolmail"

Don't forget to chmod your script file to make it executable

If you can't get that to work, email me personally and I'll try to help. BTW, similarly I set up Opera to 
be my default 
handler... this way:  In the Gnome Control Center->Document Handlers->URL Handlers page, you
should see the first line listed as "default".  Make sure this line is highlighted, then in the "handler" 
field type 
/usr/bin/opera -newwindow "%s"

...and then click the "Set" button.  Go ahead and click OK and now when
you click on a URL in Evolution it should always open in a fresh Opera
window. Have fun! Cheers,

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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