Re: [Evolution] Preparing for 1.0 release

Thanks Jeff.

I copied the files as you suggested and it works fine. However I don't
know where the e-mail settings are recorded (config.xmldb I suppose).
Could you give me an indication ? What about contacts ? How to import
them directly from the shell ? 
What is the content of config and where can I find info on config.xmldb
values ?  I see most values in config.xmldb are coded in Hex. Do they
have to be or can I replace that by ascii values ?



On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 12:23, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Since Netscape uses mbox files, one should easily be able to write a
script that will duplicate the folder heirarchy under ~/evolution/local/
to mimic the heirarchy in ~/nsmail/ and copy the mbox files over.
You'll also need to create a folder-metadata.xml file in each folder,
but this xml file is very simple and can be copied from the default
~/evolution/local/Inbox/folder-metadata.xml file.

Once done, Evo should work fine with them (it is suggested that you do
this while evo is not running).


On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 14:51, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
Dear Evolution developers,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on bringing a great
product to life. On my end I have been working hard in promoting Linux
on the desktop at my customers replacing slowly but surely MS Windows.
One of the biggest complaints I always get is not being able to provide
a good replacement for MS Outlook. I have used Evolution for many months
now and I am looking forward to 1.0. I would like to replace Netscape
messenger, which my users are currently using, by Evolution as soon as
it is out of beta. 

While recently doing some testing on how to convert them, I found out
that while there is a messenger importer, I couldn't start it from the
command prompt. Actually I had to first set Evolution using the setup
assistant before being presented with the importer. What do you
suggested is the best way to convert my users ? They are not
sophisticated enough to go through the steps required to set their
e-mail accounts and I sure don't want to have to go to each desktops
even when using VNC to update each account. 

This is Unix anyway. One should always be able to go to a shell and run
a quick command or perl script to automate stuff. One thing I always
disliked about Windows and co was that you couldn't automate things.
Always all those darn windows to go through. I hope you guys are not
forgetting us, System administrators and solution providers. We want to
push Linux on the desktop but we don't want to have the same nightmare
than when supporting Windows.

Please don't take that message as flame. It is not my intention. I just
want to make sure that we are not forgetting what makes Unix superior to
Windows is that you can centralize data, automate tasks and remotely
maintain systems easily and efficiently.



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