Re: [Evolution] Lost Contacts

Rh7.1 I had similar experience. Went back to the evolution on the gnome
desktop channel (seems like a lot of broken stuff in the last few snaps)
and contacts was blank. A sub-folder of contacts did show OK but the
main contacts folder was blank. I went back to snap 200110181519 ( a
version I particularly enjoyed) and contacts is OK. John

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 11:02, Mark Lussier wrote:
I did up update to the 10.23 snapshot and evo seg faults on startup
(Debian Potato, 2.4.5). So I jump backed down to Beta 6, and all is
well.. except my contacts is blank. The db _is_ in
evolution/local/Contacts and it has the content in there, it just wont
show. If _did_ previously show under B6 before I got the snapshot that
segfaults. Ideas on how to get it back....


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John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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